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How to Stay Protected from Electrostatic Danger with ESD Wrist Straps

Posted by Antistat on May 9, 2017 5:55:28 PM

If you or your workforce spend a significant amount of time working on, or near, sensitive electronic equipment, you may be familiar with the dangers of static electricity. Electrostatic damage is a constant concern for individuals who work in production and computer environments. Manufacturing, warehousing, and many other industries need to take steps to alleviate the risk of ESD events occurring. An effective way to ensure ESD safety is to employ the use of ESD and antistatic equipment and supplies. ESD wrist straps are one of the best pieces of equipment your workforce can be outfitted with.

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What You Need To Know About Static Shielding Bags

Posted by Antistat on Mar 1, 2017 3:09:34 PM

ESD packaging containers, such as antistatic bags and static shielding bags, are some of the most important safety products used in manufacturing environments. Without these specialized containers, it would be virtually impossible to safely transport products and components from the factory floor to their final destination.

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Purchasing the Best ESD Protection Equipment

Posted by Antistat on Feb 14, 2017 4:08:00 PM

Integrated circuit technologies are constantly evolving. They require less voltage and power and produce higher speeds with smaller geometrics. While improvements are great, they have also made equipment more susceptible to ESD events.

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Why ESD Packaging is So Essential

Posted by Antistat on Feb 7, 2017 12:19:00 PM

Your company’s manufacturing processes are undoubtedly designed to minimize the risk of ESD-based damage to products — but the same can’t be said for the facilities and practices of your subcontractors, shipping agents, and the companies that ultimately sell your product.

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Common Misuses of ESD Products — And How They Hurt Your Company

Posted by Antistat on Jan 31, 2017 4:43:00 PM

The correct use of ESD products ensures safety for both your employees and your company’s products. Per the recommendations of the ESD Association, ESD safety measures should be implemented in many different areas of your business, including:

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